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Freedom and Virtue Seminars

Liberty Fund conferences are famous for their original style - 16 scholars from various disciplines gathered together to participate in a civil, generalist conversation on original texts, led by one scholar who simply presents questions. This Socratic, interdisciplinary style has caught on for students as well. 

The Liberty & Ethics Center is developing a network of primarily Midwestern professors who are ready and willing to expand the program to their own schools.

Funding is provided for seminar organizers and attendees, so join the fun!

For more information, or if you are interested in organizing a seminar, contact Rachel Ferguson (

Topics of Past Reading Groups

  • Adam Smith’s Relevance Today

  • Emergent Order

  • The Foundations of the Modern Economy

  • Policing and Freedom

  • Religious Freedom in America

  • Economics and the Environment

  • Theology and the American Dream

  • Economics for Widows and Orphans

  • Power, Ethics, and the Making of Foreign Policy

  • The Mindset and Economics of Entrepreneurship

  • Man vs. Machine

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