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The Association for Integrity and Responsible Leadership in Economics and Allied Professions (AIRLEAP) is a national organization that promotes ethical practices in economics and related disciplines. It is a joint effort by scholars and practitioners in government, universities and colleges, and the private sector.

In 2016 the CEE established AIRLEAP's first regional branch, AIRLEAP Midwest, which is directed by Areerat Kichkha, a CEE senior research fellow.

The highlight of AIRLEAP Midwest's activities is an annual research conference that brings members from around the country to present their work and discussion AIRPLEAP's mission and how to best pursue it.

The 2018 AIRLEAP Midwest Conference, Septermber 5-6, will feature Deirdre McCloskey as its keynote speaker. Email for more information or if you wish to attend. 


The CEE is recognized as being among the top ten percent of economics research departments in the world.

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