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William Rogers

William Rogers, Ph.D., is a senior research fellow in the Center for Economics and the Environment and was a professor of economics in Lindenwood’s Plaster School of Business & Entrepreneurship until the summer of 2018. He is currently an economist with John Ward Economics. Rogers joined Lindenwood in 2016, having been on the economics faculty at the University of Missouri at St. Louis since 2004.


Rogers specializes in the field of urban economics where he studies the role of private land-use regulation, foreclosures, and the relationship between housing markets and labor markets. He has a particular passion teaching the connection between economic theory, statistical analysis and programming implementation. Rogers has worked as a consultant on St. Louis area research projects focused on labor unions, TIFs, property taxes, housing prices and higher education. He also actively works as an expert witness estimating financial losses for litigation.


Dr. Rogers received his Bachelor of Arts in International Economics from Hastings College (1999) and his Master of Arts and Ph.D. from Colorado State University (2001, 2004).

Op-Ed Articles
Op-Ed Title
Don’t Believe the Hype -- The Better Together Plan is Oversold
Rik Hafer and William Rogers
February 2019
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