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Tim W. Jones

Tim Jones joined the Hammond Institute in January 2015 as a Senior Policy Fellow. He served as Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives until January 2015, is a partner and attorney with Doster, Ullom & Boyle, LLC, and the Director of Political Communications at Pelopidas, an issue advocacy firm, and as Director of the Missouri Club for Growth.

Jones began as house speaker in September 2012, having been elected unanimously twice to that role, and began his service as a house member in 2007. In addition, he is a long-standing board member and chair of the Government Affairs Committee for the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, a former president of the board of aldermen for the City of Eureka, and a former prosecuting attorney for the State of New York.

Tim's academic background includes a BA in English Language and Literature/Letters & Russian Studies from Fordham University (1993), and a JD from St. John's University School of Law (1996).

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