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Rachel S. Ferguson

Rachel Ferguson is a Professor of Managerial Philosophy, co-chair of the Lindenwood Honors College, and Director of the Liberty and Ethics Center in the Hammond Institute. Her research interests include Hume’s classical liberalism, the philosophy of economics, and Aristotelian virtue theory.

She is a board member for the Freedom Center of Missouri, Faith Ascent Ministries, and Love the Lou, a participant in Liberty Fund Colloquia, and a reviewer for the Journal of Markets and Morality.

Ferguson teaches political philosophy, game theory, and business ethics. She also facilitates the course on economic federalism that accompanies the Liberty and Ethics Center’s Spring Conference.

In addition, Rachel coordinates a collection of liberty-oriented faculty from mid-sized Midwestern universities, which aims to engage with constitutional law and economics at the faculty, undergraduate, and high school levels.

Dr. Ferguson received her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Lindenwood University (1999), and her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Saint Louis University (2008).

Op-Ed Articles
Op-Ed Title
What’s the Trade-off for Homeschoolers?
Rachel Ferguson
April 2020
The Power of Civil Society: Lessons from a Pandemic
Rachel Ferguson
March 2020
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