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The Hammond Institute Joins “Think Tank Thursday”

November 13, 2020


Since September, Hammond Institute director Howard Wall has been a monthly guest on the Gary Nolan Show’s “Think Tank Thursdays,” which highlights the work of think tanks across the country. The show airs weekdays on 93.9 The Eagle in Columbia, KWOS News Radio in Jefferson City, and KWTO AM and FM in Springfield, serving 20 counties in central Missouri and the 10 counties in and surrounding the Springfield metro area.

In his three appearances, Wall has discussed the Institute’s resources for tracking the COVID pandemic in Missouri, fact-checked the economics of the first presidential debate, and explained the pluses and minuses of a Biden presidency’s economic policy.

According to Wall, “whether it’s through radio appearances or our state-wide op-eds, the goal is to fulfill the mission of the institute while also spreading and enhancing the reputation of Lindenwood across the state.”

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