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Kenneth Chilton

Ken Chilton founded the CEE (then called the Institute for the Study of Economics and the Environment) in 2002 after serving for 24 years as a researcher and administrator at the Weidenbaum Center on the Economy, Government, and Public Policy at Washington University in St. Louis.

He is contributing editor of two books — The Dynamic American Firm (1996), and Environmental Protection: Regulating for Results (1991) and has published numerous reports and spoken to a variety of audiences about environmental issues. His recent studies include: “Placing Children's Environmental Health Risks in Perspective”; “Four Suggestions for Improving Environmental Health Policy”; “Are Economic Growth and a Sustainable Environment Compatible?” and “Enhancing Environmental Protection While Fostering Economic Growth”.

Dr. Chilton received his BS and MS in management science from Northwestern University (1967, 1968) and his MSBA and PhD in business administration from Washington University in St. Louis (1992, 1994).

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