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Student Engagement

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019, the Duree Center for Entrepreneurship put on a High School Student Essay Contest with the winner receiving $500. More than 100 students submitted essays, and Khloe M. Carver was named the winner of the 2019 High School Student Essay Contest. Khloe is a student at St. Charles High School and participates in the St. Charles County Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Entrepreneurship Strand.


Congratulations, Khloe!

Read Khloe's essay here.

Read an article from the West Newsmagazine here.


Students were asked to respond to the question, "Why is an entrepreneurial mindset critical to the success of my generation?"

Below are some quotes from the submitted essays:

“Raising a generation of entrepreneurial minded individuals would be an essential asset in many ways; good for society, good for the economy, and good for the overall well-being of people.”

“I believe the entrepreneurial spirit is the human spirit.  Living a purpose driven life, with your own unique mission.”

“An entrepreneurial mind set applies to so much more than just the business world.  The mindset of an entrepreneur seeps into every aspect of our lives.”

“The entrepreneurial mindset allows my generation to take up the mantle of the previous generation.  It allows my generation to not only see the future, but also to learn from the past.”

“A successful entrepreneur is someone who approaches challenges without fear of failure and is willing to take risks.”

“An entrepreneur see things differently than the rest of the world.  Their eyes are always open to new opportunities.”

“My generation will find success if we are willing to go out there and find success.  We cannot sit back and wait for fortune to fall in our laps.”

“An entrepreneurial mind set enables us to see and make the most of opportunities.”

“My generation embraces this mind set because we are proactive and willing to try new methods and ways of doing things.”

“An entrepreneurial mindset is a skill set that enables people to identify and make the most of opportunities and to overcome and learn from their setbacks.  They are resourceful and collaborative.”

“This kind of mind set gives my generation a solid work ethic and the ability to be self-reliant.”

“Motivation, vision, creativity and flexibility are the watch-words for my generation.”

“My generation will succeed if we learn how to pivot, take action and work hard.  An entrepreneurial mindset gives us those skills.”  

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