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Journal of Economics and Finance, 42(2), April 2018, 397-408.

Joshua C. Hall, Christopher Shultz, and E. Frank Stephenson

Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, Forthcoming 2018.

Michael D. Bradley and Dennis W. Jansen

Public Finance Review, 46(2), March 2018, 276-300.

Joshua C. Hall, Brad R. Humphreys, and Jane Ruseski

Economics Letters, 160, November 2017, 54-58.

Dennis W. Jansen and Anastasia Zervou

Joshua Hall

Joshua Hall and Shree Pokharel

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 81, August 2017, 32-49.

Richard G. Anderson, Michael Bordo, and John V. Duca

American Economic Review, 107(5), May 2017, 56-59.

Richard G. Anderson and Areerat Kichkha

International Journal of Sports Finance, 12(1), 2017, 3-13.

Joshua Hall, Brad Humphreys, and Hyunwoong Pyun

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