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February 15, 2022   3:00 PM
Dunseth Auditorium, Harmon Hall

Black Liberation Through the Marketplace: Hope, Heartbreak, and the Promise of America

In-person and virtual event via Zoom (registration needed to obtain Zoom link)

Join us for a presentation by Rachel Ferguson of Concordia University Chicago, who will discuss her new book, coauthored with Marcus Witcher.


"If we face America’s racial history squarely, will it mean that the American project is a failure? Conversely, if we think the American project is a worthy endeavor, do we have to lie, downplay, or equivocate about our past?

In this book, we use the classical liberal lens to ask Americans on the political right to seriously reckon with America’s deep racial pain—much of which arises from violations of rights that conservatives say they deeply value, such as property rights, freedom of contract, and the protection of the rule of law. We ask those on the left to take a hard look at the failed paternalism, and in some cases, thoroughgoing racism of past progressive policy. All Americans are asked to apply their concern for individual rights and constitutional order fairly to our historical record. What readers will find are deep injustices against black Americans. But they will also find black entrepreneurs overcoming amazing obstacles and a black community that has created flourishing institutions and culture."

The event will start promptly at 3:00 and will be followed by a Q&A session. It is part of Hammond Institute's annual celebration and recognition of Black History Month.


​Those attending virtually will be able to submit questions via the chat feature in Zoom.​



Rachel Ferguson is an economic philosopher at Concordia University Chicago. As director of the Free Enterprise Center there, she leads a nationwide, cross-disciplinary faculty network that engages questions of liberty and virtue through seminars, conferences, and pedagogy. Dr. Ferguson has been a visiting fellow at the Eudaimonia Institute and her work can be found in Discourse, the Journal of Markets & Morality, and the Library of Economics and Liberty. Ferguson lives in St. Louis, Missouri where she is actively involved in community building and empowering marginalized entrepreneurs through LOVEtheLOU and Gateway to Flourishing. 


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