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February 25, 7:00 PM

The Slow Work of Revitalizing St. Louis

Virtual event via Zoom

Lucas Rouggly, executive director and founder of LOVEtheLOU, and Lenny Barber, LOVEtheLOU's LINK community director, will discuss their own friendship across racial boundaries, as well as their shared vision for the flourishing of their Vandeventer and Kingsway West neighbors.

LOVEtheLOU is a movement of restoration working to reverse the trends of poverty and racism in the City of St. Louis. Its programs include:

  • STL LIFT empowers inner-city youth to reach their fullest potential and become community leaders through mentorship, education, and transformational experiences.

  • STL LINK connects students and neighbors to jobs in the St. Louis region. It exists to connect North St. Louis neighbors to career opportunities.

  • STL LIVE identifies vacant houses that need to be restored. Volunteers rehab the houses and identify families who will make the houses their home. 

This event is in recognition of Black History Month, 2021.


For more information and to connect with LOVEtheLOU:

Lucas Rouggly -

Lenny Barber -

Website -


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