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Hammond Institute Ranked Among the World's Top Research Departments

July 3, 2019



Based on the quality and impact of its economics research, Lindenwood’s Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise is among the top 9 percent of organizations in the world. Only three other academic departments in Missouri rank higher: the economics departments of Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Missouri, and the Olin School of Business at Washington University.


This ranking is produced by RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) and is based on the research output and citation records of over 70,000 economists worldwide. RePEc is the primary resource among economists for bibliographic information about economics working papers and journal publications.


Also according to RePEc, Lindenwood’s Plaster School of Business and Entrepreneurship, which houses the Hammond Institute, ranks among the top 11 percent of the world’s business schools. The Olin School is the only business school in Missouri that ranks higher.


Four Hammond Institute economists—Howard Wall, Rik Hafer, Richard Anderson, and Daniel Thornton—rank among the world’s top 5 percent of economists in several categories.


Wall, the director of the Hammond Institute, said “Our research ranking is not an end in itself but it is an important component of our contribution to the University. Most obviously, it enhances the academic reputation of Lindenwood and the Plaster School. In addition, our students benefit because we bring our research experience into our courses and into the various student programs supported by the Institute.”

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