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The Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise is a research and education center in the Plaster College of Business and Entrepreneurship that examines market-oriented approaches to economic and social issues. A significant role of the Institute is to help foster student and faculty scholarship and achievement throughout the Plaster College. 


December 19, 2022

Recession and Educational Attainment in Missouri Schools

In a newly published paper, CAE director Howard Wall finds that cuts in spending after the Great Recession affected student outcomes in Missouri's city schools, but not elsewhere in the state.

December 12, 2022

The Dangers of a Higher Inflation Target

CAE Fellow Dan Thornton argues that raising the inflation target would unfairly punish savers and remove whatever fiscal and monetary discipline we have left.

November 29, 2022

Center for Applied Economics Gains a Research Fellow

Ruben Hernandez-Murillo has joined the CAE as its newest research fellow. He is currently a quantitative analytics senior associate at KeyBank after 20 years in the Federal Reserve System.

October 21, 2022

Don't Bother Trying to Predict Inflation: You Can't

Senior research fellow Dan Thornton's opinion piece in The Hill outlines the various reasons that inflation forecasting is difficult, or even impossible.

October 19, 2022

Hammond Recognized with Ceremony in the Plaster College

John Hammond, was recognized with the unveiling of new legacy walls in Harmon Hall. The event celebrated Mr. Hammond as the founder of the Institute and for his years on the University board.

October 17, 2022

Tech Work in St. Louis: Past, Present, and Future

The Center for Applied Economics has partnered with TechSTL to produce an analysis of the tech sector in the St. Louis metro area, looking at the what, where, and who of tech in the region.


Screenshot 2023-02-06 201954.png

Defending America: Telling Stories We Shouldn't Tell

March 14, 2023

The Heritage Foundation’s Dakota Wood and Former US Senator Jim Talent discuss the current state of US defense policy. Hosted by NewsTalkSTL.

Langenberg - Mark Schug Monitor Art.jpg

Who Desegregated Baseball: Jackie Robinson or the Marketplace?

February 16, 2023

Mark Schug will discuss the courage of Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey, but is it possible that the marketplace played a critical role?

Langenberg Speaker Series - Phil Magness - Monitor Art - 10-24-2022_edited.jpg

The 1619 Project Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry

November 16, 2022

Phil Magness will discuss "Evaluating The 1619 Project: An Academic Conversation” and what it gets wrong and what it gets right.


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